Our customers expecting a fast and smooth implementation of their buildings by cost savings and ensuring the budget.
The high complexity with:

  • branched production lines
  • electrical installations
  • heating-, cooling- and ventilation installations
  • partly non sustainable grounds and
  • a restrictive legislation and European standardizations
    require a comprehensive planning.
MAJA-Möbelwerk Wittichenau Planung


The basis for an economic usage and an effective business is placed right from the first phases of planning. Not only the use of space and materials but also the internal logistics, the ergonomics and the operation costs affect a professional planning in many ways. Relevant law regulations like EneV, EEG, fire protection and sound insulation will be integrated at an early stage.

Execution planning and static calculations

In addition to our pre-planning stage, we also develop the necessary execution and work planning in verifiable form. Our highly qualified employees use the newest 2D and 3D interface based software for direct connection to further production processes. In scope of the licensing procedures we work out the appropriate concepts for any law regulations.

Operational services like civil -, electrical- and mechanical engineering are also element of our integrated part of planning a building.

The structural editing including static calculation and fire protection design of any component is part of the whole project.

Supportive structural planning

We are also able to support you on calculations on existing building or within following areas:

  • Conversion
  • Substantial increase
  • Improvements and upgrades in all areas
  • Necessary verifications
  • Structual engineering
  • etc.
Hochregallager Wellpappenwerk Lucka Berlin 2013 MAJA-Möbelwerk Lagerhaus MAJA-Möbelwerk Halle